the pastor with a thorn in his side

Stories of Ministering With Depression And What The Church Can Do To Help

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Depression is increasingly common. This is no less true for those in ministry. Many suffer
with depression but for various reasons feel unable to tell their churches about it. Similarly,
church members often see the problem, or struggle themselves, but don’t know what to do
or how to help.

This collection of real-life stories from pastors who have suffered from depression exists to
encourage others in similar positions and to help church members better support their
pastor when depression strikes.

  • Written by pastors who have/do struggle with depression
  • Multiple stories present a variety of viewpoints and experience
  • Offers practical advice on supporting pastors who are suffering with depression

We are holding a Zoom event in May 2021 to introduce you to the book’s editor and some of the contributors and to allow you to ask questions. If you’d like more details of this event, please subscribe to the Grace Publications mailing list: