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What happens when a Pastor gets depression?

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people will suffer some form of mental health issue in their lifetime. This is not a problem from which pastors are immune. Depression is as common among church leaders as it is anywhere.

The Pastor With a Thorn in His Side is a newly published book sharing the real life experiences of Pastors who have suffered with depression. Each story gives an example of what depression might look like and some of the things that have been helpful and unhelpful in different settings.

Stephen Kneale, Pastor at Oldham Bethel Church, is both the editor and a contributor to the book. He says: “We want to encourage honest conversations about depression in the church and help others find appropriate solutions and support.”

“We hope these stories will equip church members to know how to care for church leaders or other Christians who are suffering from depression. We think the book is important because it will help inform the conversation around mental health in the church. Certainly it will help readers understand what a Pastor has to deal with either if they have depression, or when they deal with others in the congregation who are going through the same problem.”

The team behind The Pastor With a Thorn in His Side are organising a launch event with Q&A where several of the contributors will share their stories of depression. Visit to register for the event.

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The Pastor With a Thorn in His Side is published by Grace Publications and is available from 3rd May 2021. Pre-orders can be made via