Surprisingly enough, this is a very positive book and, I’m sure, it will help a lot of people. You won’t find within it quick fixes, magic wands or infuriating ‘Christian’ platitudes. Just personal realism and practical, biblical wisdom. But that’s precisely what you would hope from a collection of pastors’ testimonies! I hope and pray that it helps more pastors feel less isolated and more church members less confused when depression rears its ugly head.

Mark Meynell, Director (Europe & Caribbean) for Langham Preaching and writer of When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend (IVP, 2018)

This book invites you into the inner life of pastors who suffer from depression. It will be an eye-opener to many people. It will help pastors who suffer similarly to see that they are not alone and encourage them that God is still with them. It will also enable church members to support their pastors more intelligently especially in prayer. It is an important book for our times.

John Benton, Director for Pastoral Support, The Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary

This fallen world is full of pain – and our pastors are not immune – but all too often their struggles go unheard. In this raw and honest work, some powerful stories are told. We meet real men who know the depths of depression. And, as we hear from them, we are all better equipped to listen, love and pray with hope for those in ministry. An important work for pastors who are currently struggling alone – and for congregation members who care. 

Helen Thorne, Director of Training and Resources, Biblical Counselling UK